What is Ayida?

Back in 1977 Rob Hughes has his first experience with video games, playing Space invaders in the local leisure centre after going swimming. From then on computers and video games became a passion for Rob. When he was 11 Rob got his first home computer – a Sinclair ZX81 (he loved that machine) and that really was his only hobby throughout his teenage years and beyond! It wasn’t until 1993 (after owning many different platforms and spending a lot of money on them) that Rob really began to realise that should really be working with his passion rather than just mucking around and building machines for fun (and to sell).

After working in the IT services industry for nearly ten years Rob decided (along with his wife Beth) that they should setup a company to provide that personal service (and passion) to it’s clients. Ayida was born (the name coming from the Goddess of rainbows and meaning “Happy” ) in 2003.

Since then we have grown quite a bit, but we’re still small, flexible and still have the desire to help everyone we work with.

In his spare time Rob still plays video games (and has now got all of his 5 children into video games) and collects retro PC and video game hardware.

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